Saturday, April 5, 2008


so, I decided I wanted to search for something new online.
something random. something that could lead me to excitment.

I typed in "adventure" becuase that's what I want.

It's interesting what came up. I got some pictures first. Of people trekking through a glacial landscape with the sun setting in a brilliant array of colors through their silhouettes. One of a pirate ship. there was white water rafting of course. I even got a woman doing yoga...something to do with an "adventure spa" it told me.

On to the websites. A link to Adventure magazing. typical. then a subheading of "adventure games," it also told me I could see "adventure quest." More links...colossal caves, an Angels and Airwaves song, even an adventure video game.

Is this our world's definition of adventure? Seems a little blah to me. i want bigger adventure. I want a truth-seeking, true love-experiencing, all out, gung-ho, throw caution to the wind kind of adventure.

I want to be called to do radical things. To experience beauty on the plains of the Kenyan wilderness. To play soccer with people I just met on the shores of the Indian Ocean. To be a nurse. To hear the laugh of my baby cousin. To discuss life with my family as we walk in the mountains. To listen to a boy with autism tell me the story of the three little pigs. To move across the world.

now that I think of it...I think I'm on the greatest adventure. it's called trusting God.


Matt Jacob said...

That's pretty cool. I sometimes get discontent with the way things are and wonder "Isn't there something else? Isn't there something greater?"

Hope you find the adventure you're looking for. :)

Lauren said...

Ang I didn't even know you had a blog. I just started one yesterday for my Austalia trip. Crazy coincidence. Thanks for introducing me to God. I love that I can say that to you :)

Seth said...

adventure...hmm yes i like that. great song by the way. gives me the willies.