Sunday, January 31, 2010

PIcture a Day v. 3

Disclaimer: again, I missed a few days.

I love that I have tennis shoes.

I realize this is a terrible picture, but it was a stormy day in AZ and I love those

latte art. maybe one of my favorite things in the whole world.

This was the day I actually went to see The Thing.
It was closed. But we made a memory
This is my best buddy, in the process of packing her apt.
I love her!
Birthday boy with what may be the best gift bag ever.
I love making good dinners :)
S'more cupcakes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Picture A Day: Post 2

Here comes post #2 of my New Years Goal!
I cannot lie, I have forgotten a few days. But I think it'll be okay.

At coffee with my dad, I saw this really sweet couple
Watching them definitely made me happy

Homemade buns. One of my absolute favorite things in the whole world

Drive to Tucson.
I love clouds in AZ.

This is in my room.
Orange walls, pictures of my favorite people and things, and my new question mark wall decor. What else do I need?

Cinnamon candle. 'Nuff said

My friend Dan and I had Seth chauffeur us.
Not the best picture, but the moment made me happy

How could this bed head not make you happy?

On the day of one of my best friend's weddings.
We were all watching and waiting for her to arrive

The January edition of my "post card of the month" from mom

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm obsessed with staying connected. I text more than I should. I check my e-mail more than I should. I'm on Twitter just to follow people I will never meet just because I like to know about them. My homepage is set to MSNBC so I stay current on news.

Yes, a tragedy just happened and I know so little about it. No, not because information about the earthquake in Haiti is not available, but because I avoid it. I don't even wait for the homepage to load before I click to check my e-mail or facebook just so I can stay ignorant and self-centered. Deep down I think it's because I would rather stay emotionally distant from sad situations or situations which may require action on my part. It's easier.

One problem with this - my God is not the God of "easier." He never claims to be.

This should stimulate me. I should stop avoiding, be willing to become burdened for a situation and be moved to action.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Picture a day v.1

I made it a goal to take a picture every day this year of something that makes me happy. Here is the first edition of that:

my parents always make me happy.

of course this makes me happy

what's better than faith and my cute bathroom?
dad's homegrown oranges. nothing better

a little self portraiture in the backyard...
it feels whimsy to me

a little quite time at the biblioteca

I spent all day scrapbooking.
and i love paper

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christians and Coffee Shops

I'm sitting in the Starbucks in Barnes and Nobel, listening to at least 4 Christian people around me. What is it with Christians and coffee shops? I get the appeal, but as a person, not just someone who loves Jesus. Is their a specific reason people who love Jesus love gathering around caffeine? Is it because Jesus loves coffee?

My cousin always used to say "If you want to meet a Christian girl go to Starbucks on a Sunday morning before church." Now, I would postulate that you could expand this to pretty much any time during the day any day of the week. They're easy to pick out too...they have their Bible and journal out on the table, often stare into space (I think they're praying...) if they are alone, or they are meeting with their accountability partner or mentor and talking about apologetics or church or prayer, loudly enough for you to hear.

So, really, if you have a theory why they're (or we're if I'm being honest) always in coffee shops lets me know in the comments section.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Goals v. 2010

Woah. It's 1/1/10. Weird.

It's that time, to lay out some goals for the new year. Enjoy. And feel free to add your own:
  • Take a picture every day of the year. Of something that makes me happy.
  • Graduate college, pass the NCLEX
  • Get a job
  • Not buy anything unnecessary until May (stemmed from Urbana...more on this later)
  • Get my Certificate of Faith and Health
  • Do crunches until I get a six pack. okay, not really, just exercise regularly
  • Buy a nice camera. for reals.
All my other goals are general: read more, celebrate life, watch classic movies, embrace relationships more fully, eat in new restaurants, travel...blah blah blah. Hopefully as I spend time preparing for my last semester of college I'll come up with some more concrete goals.