Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's back

By "it" I mean school. I know, you're thinking of course it's back, you've been in it for 5 weeks. But, for the first time this week nursing school has again reared it's ugly head. 2 papers, 2 tests, 2 weeks + reading & quizzes and the normal stuff. C'est la vie.

On the positive side of this I'm learning about balance. I realized at certain points in life it's okay to not have a perfectly balanced life. Different aspects of your life will have more priority for specific periods of time. Right now, obviously, school is priority. I spent a significant amount of my time reading about psych disorders and studying EKG rhythms rather than volunteering or making dinner with friends. This is definitely not how I'd like my life to be but it's what is necessary for life right now. So essentially the unbalance is balance. Eventually, my life will change and so will the balance, but for now I'm working on accepting it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Art Class

I'm very proud of myself right now. And this is why:

I went to a free drawing class at the The Drawing Studio, this amazing little place in downtown Tucson. We went from 4:30 to 9 and by the end I learned so much. A former professor from the UA started the studio years ago, and now they offer classes all over on anything from drawing to sculpture work. Our class started with drawing from our mind (i.e. a cat - which was awful) then moved on to drawing the form and adding value (aka shading). Then we got a motivational speech about how drawing helps you see your world more fully. By the end I was so into it. I loved it. Can't wait to do more!