Friday, March 20, 2009

just call me Annie Oakley

I spent most of last week in Texas.
I learned to shoot a least this Colt Pistol and a 22 rifle
I ate lots of food...homemade mac and cheese at every meal! Chocolate pie! Freshly shelled pecans! oh my
I slept in
I watched some movies (Henry Poole Is Here for one...I recommend it)
I saw an old friend, he showed us around his news studio and got to watch a live taping of the local news! which is very cool
I saw lots of oil rigs, spent lots of time in the car, saw some cows.
It was a very satisfying spring break.

1 comment:

Matt Jacob said...

You should bend your elbows a little to help absorb the recoil. But, glad you had fun! Did you become an NRA lifetime member yet? :-)