Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's back

By "it" I mean school. I know, you're thinking of course it's back, you've been in it for 5 weeks. But, for the first time this week nursing school has again reared it's ugly head. 2 papers, 2 tests, 2 weeks + reading & quizzes and the normal stuff. C'est la vie.

On the positive side of this I'm learning about balance. I realized at certain points in life it's okay to not have a perfectly balanced life. Different aspects of your life will have more priority for specific periods of time. Right now, obviously, school is priority. I spent a significant amount of my time reading about psych disorders and studying EKG rhythms rather than volunteering or making dinner with friends. This is definitely not how I'd like my life to be but it's what is necessary for life right now. So essentially the unbalance is balance. Eventually, my life will change and so will the balance, but for now I'm working on accepting it.


Lauren said...

You start off every school year thinking -->

This isn't going to be so bad. I can easily handle this. I'm going to have all that free time I wanted last year.

Then boom. One month in and everything picks up. Dang it. 237 days until graduation! (yes, I have a very preemptive countdown)

Elizabeth said...

You'll be learning that lesson many times over in your life (at least in my experience). Balance is unbalance. Balance is not having time for "me" but having time to make dinner for my family. :-) Hope your last year is still a good one, though probably crazy as anything!