Monday, February 15, 2010

I love the Olympics

A few tidbits about how I feel about the Olympics:

The Olympics are the one time where I choose to put on sports during the year (or every two years I guess). Maybe it's because my sports attention span is about 7.8 minutes.

The spirit is contagious. Within seconds of turning on an event I've picked a favorite (not always the Americans) and my heart is invested. I root for them with my whole being and I may even tear up when, after they win gold, they run into the crowd to hug their loved ones.

I'm constantly amazed at how the tech guys make incredibly moving montages in 5 minutes to play recapping the epic win that happened moments before.

This Olympics in in Vancouver. Since I spent 3 months there this summer I get so nostalgic when they show the cityscapes.

After watching the Olympics I have already made 4 more life goals surrounding the Olympics:
1) Attend an opening ceremony
2) Volunteer at the Olympics
3) Raise a child to be an Olympic athlete (this one is a little iffy...)
4) Participate in a sporting event on a former Olympic field (like skiing in Whistler...)