Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Little Inspiration

I'm on call. Which inherently means I spend large amounts of time googling random stuff. This particular time I have found some home inspiration for my future abode. Enjoy.

I love this eating area featured on Design Sponge.
The patterned chairs and light streaming in are so lovely!
And I've already got a leg up on the shelf with the vases, seeing how I have 107 vases so far.

I adore this little desk next to the bed from I don't remember where.
The vintage look and mirror just make this space so cozy.

I've been very into the idea of open kitchen shelves.
This image from My Home Ideas has been particular inspiration
I'm getting white dishes for our wedding so I think it's be great with a fun wall color in the background too.

Finally for today's post, I'll show you this adorable red and blue accented kitchen from Casapinka
I think to find this I looked up "red kitchens" and found the post.
How great is the hanging rolling pin on the wall?

4.5 months til the wedding and the same til I'll get to start decorating again :)

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