Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a little reflection

Lately I have been in a reflective state of mind. I often get like this when I start new things, like nursing school or a new year or a new project. Most recently my mind wandered to this past I spent summer traveling all over the world, specifically Kenya.

Never have I had a life experience so imapct me like this trip did. I saw more than I ever expected to see, some very very beautiful scenery, things, places, but most of all people.

I was reading through my journal from the trip and I stumbled upon my entry about our visit to Vpingo. It was a school/feeding center/church that we got to visit on three occasions. One little girl attached herself to me the first time we were there and I made up my mind that she was the most beautiful little girl i had ever seen. Her dark skin in contrast to her big eyes that stared at me in wonder. Her smile lit up her whole face whenever something pleased her. And the grip she had upon my hand felt like she would never let go. I loved wandering around the field with her, letting her wear my sunglasses, watching her chase balloons, dancing in a huge crowd of people with her and just playing silly handclapping games that seem to be universal. Seeing her happy made me so joyful and having her run back to me was the best feeling And i got to thinking, this is how God looks at me, only times 1000. How awesome is that?

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Seth said...

gah you're awesome! ps it's probably more than a 1000 times... it's redic.