Tuesday, January 8, 2008

new projects :)

This blog comes out of the fact that I had a huge latte today, which as it turns out was not an intelligent decision. But it has given me enough energy to write a new blog about my new project!

I have taken up knitting. So far, I have started a really cute brown scarf that I just bought more yarn for. Also, I am knitting squares for a blanket I want to make. So, as you can see I am doing really basic stuff, but I am enjoying it and looking forward to getting better! Any help with links to cool knitting sites would be great :) I also want to put up pictures as soon as I upload my pictures to my computer.

Also, I spent a large chunk of today making more cards. This is something my friend got me into that I really enjoy right now. My sister got me a card kit for Christmas and today was the perfect day to put it to use :) now I can't wait to send out some snail mail!

*Here's a bonus for today: a book/movie review. I have recently read and seen Atonement by Ian McEwan. The book was fantastic. McEwan is amazing at his descriptions of scenes and emotions and the movie is exactly how I pictured the book. The movie takes a really interesting adaptation, which I think is brilliant. Kiera Knightley actually does a wonderful job. Like usual for me, I like the book more than the movie, but both are superb.

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Seth said...

Good luck ang. Don't know why I'm up this early. Peace out and keep knitting.