Wednesday, March 5, 2008

101 in 1001

So, there's this blog idea going around, that to me sounds like a life goal list, but with a cooler title. The idea is that you come up with 101 things to do in 1,001 days.

I started writing mine awhile ago, a year ago now. And constantly update it becuase I can't come up with 101 things. But here is my list in progress.

1. Spend consistent time with God (in progress, spring, sophomore year)
2. Go to Kenya (completed July 2007)
3. Visit 11 new states I’ve never been to (Oregon, 2/07; Maryland 12/07; DC 12/07; Rhode Island 12/08; Pennsylvania 7/08)
4. Go on a cruise (March 2007)
5. Work out more consistently (in progress)
6. learn to be better at conversations
7. read 3 classic novels
8. Decorate my next room (September 2007)
9. Strike up conversations with strangers randomly
10. Save money
11. Drink more tea
12. Be more honest/direct with people
13. Make and finish “movies to watch list”
14. Get into the college of nursing (July 2007)
15. Keep a 3.75 (in progress)
16. Work for Mayo Clinic (summer after junior year) - this may be modified
17. Learn an artsy thing, i.e. knitting (December, 2007, knitting)
18. Buy a nice camera (October 2007)
19. Encourage other people
20. Do more random acts of kindness (woman, groceries: October 2007)
21. Pray more
22. Stay in contact with friends (valentines cards ’08)
23. Write cards not e-mails
24. Eat more fruits and veggies (ongoing, October)
25. learn to cook!
26. take ballroom dance lessons
27. study more in coffee shops
28. accessorize more
29. Hike (Lost Dutchman State Park, Montana)
30. Learn to salsa
31. Skydive (with my dad)
32. Try more ethnic foods! (Ethiopian, Indian!)
33. Memorize more scripture
34. Be more positive
35. Drink more water each day
36. Take a pottery class
37. Read Bill Byrson’s books (Memiors of a Thunderbolt Kid, A Short History of Nearly Everything...)
38. Travel to Greece
39. Visit 5 European countries
40. Scrapbook old family pictures
41. Visit my sister wherever she lives (Baltimore, December 2008)
42. Live in Baltimore for a summer (July 08)
43. Go to the East Coast with Nate
44. Go back to Glacier with my parents (August 08)
45. go to more concerts (Ryanhood, Merimec Iron, John Mayer)
46. Find a church in Tucson
47. Teach/Volunteer in a Sunday School class
48. Visit Jana in Mississippi
49. Road Trip with Lauren
50. Go to California with friends from school
51. Eat at a new restaurant every 3 months (October 2007 – India Oven, December – Baltimore places, February 2008 – Baggins, Asian Sandwich deli, Panera - July)
52. Try a new recipe once a month
53. Give friends meaningful presents on their birthdays
54. Call instead of text whenever possible
55. Have a plant in my condo
56. Take my parents canoe out
57. Get a car
58. Journal consistently
59. Have meaningful conversations
60. Go to Sweden with my mom
61. Keep studying Spanish
62. Have another language partner
63. Go without dessert for a month (Sept/Oct 2007)
64. Do crunches everyday for 2 months
65. Find a way to use my favorite quotes (scrapbooking cards, posters)
66. Go 3 months without buying new clothes (started 11/1/07)
67. Write Syengo a letter (March 08)
68. Do a noise fast (Feb. 08)
69. Knit my sister a scarf
70. Try yoga (February 08)
71. start color correcting (April 08)
72. Road trip to Austin, TX!
73. Backpack (August 08)

Ok - now I need 30 more ideas....

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Seth said...

road trip to austin? that would also help the see more concerts goal (since austin is the live music capital of the world).