Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Well, I bought my macbook about a month ago and am getting to use it a lot this week, it's been great - but the computer still needs a name.

I've been color correcting for the photographer I worked for in high school, and off and on since then ~ check out her site...she's amazing. (

Also, since it's spring break I've finally been getting rest and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I've layed out by the pool, watched new movies, done some work, and have started reading The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson (working on one of my goals on the list!) This book is typical of Byrson's in the fact that it's very funny and I highly recommend it.


Matt Jacob said...

Why do girls have to name every inanimate object in their possession? Can you really name a car? Or a computer? Or a dog? Or a child? :-P

So, if guys name their cars with feminine names, do girls name their stuff with masculine names? How about Giancarlo? Pierluigi? Alfonso? Sigberto? Stefan?

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela,
Since I am now you friend in Facebook I am checking out your blog!!! How cool is that??? Do you like technology? Computers?? Web design?? By the way, I know why you blog name is "Made in China". I hope to meet you some day I am sure you're just as cool as Trisha!!