Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday Presents

You may be thinking to yourself....Angela, your birthday was two months ago. Why are you writing about birthday presents? 

Well friends, I am writing about them because I love getting them, especially when they're late. First, because you tend to get the majority of birthday presents within the week or so of your actual birthday and postponing the presents makes it seem like your birthday lasts longer. Second, i love any excuse for presents :)

I am going to tell you about two presents i just got that I am exceptionally excited for. 

1) A rice cooker! I am very excited about this because it means one more excuse to cook Asian themed food and is great for rice-n-raisins, my family's favorite Saturday night meal!

2) Light up knitting needles! Why, now I can knit anytime anywhere. they're perfect for watching a movie or when I'm trapped in a cave and feel like creating something out of yarn. This marvelous birthday present is the perfect excuse to get back into knitting more!

Bottom line - birthday presents are phenomenal any time of the year, especially when they are amazing presents!

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Lauren said...

you'll get your bday present from me 6 months let. how fabulous for you. can't wait for our skype date in a few hours!!!

ps: the word verification for this comment is eh? I thought so.