Friday, January 2, 2009


So, I finally thought of some new years goals. I have some serious, some not so serious. And if I write them down I'm way more likely to actually work on them. Here are a few I want to get done:

Visit at least 3 new states (Maine, New Jersey, Washington). Be a better friend. Actually knit on a regular basis (i just finished my first scarf that I started...oh, a year ago). Memorize more. Keep up my GPA. Have fun in my last "fake year" of life. Do something memorable this summer. Give good presents. Love people. See my sister. Run in a relay marathon with my family. Keep doing yoga. Read 6 "spiritual" books or self-help type books. Make a scrapbook of my old family pictures. 

Now, I realize some of these are not good goals, they're not measurable, they're not specific enough. But, I'll figure out how to do them as this year goes along. I've got some more, but don't want to put them online. 

What goals do you have?


Rose said...

I just go to customize and then layouts and then header - and in that part is where I could add a picture. And that one is just a pic I took in Kenya. So, when you are logged into blogger you should be able to do that! Hope that helps!
Hope you are well - miss you!

Lauren said...

i made a new blog....