Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I really like talking about my childhood. Probably 65% of my conversations have at least something related to my past mentioned.

For example, today at lunch my friends and I started talking about discipline. Whether or not spanking is ok, grounding, timeouts...you get the idea. Now, I was never grounded. Thank goodness. Although I definitely think that would have been a really effective punishment for me.

Also, we had a very animated discussion about childhood TV shows. For example, Wishbone. Who the heck came up with that idea? a little dog, that transports himself into classic literature and becomes a part of that. Do you remember the Rip van Winkle episode? Wishbone had a beard and interacted with humans. Such a weird show. I also loved Recess, Dark Wing Duck, Reading Rainbow (c'mon, who doesn't love LaVar Burton?).

Bottom line, I love talking about my childhood; my memories, the ugly years, the laughter. In my mind, it was all good.

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Rose said...

Hey this website template looks awfully familiar. :) Love ya!