Friday, May 22, 2009

The Couv

Well, it's official. I leave in 5 days to spend my summer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Rock on.

Here are suggestions people have given me for things to do:
  • Smoke weed (thank you Starbucks barista)
  • Make friends with the naked people on the "clothing optional" beach ON CAMPUS at the University of British Columbia (again, thank you Starbucks barista)
  • Visit Stanley Park
  • Go to the beaches
  • Visit the plethora of cute, independent coffee shops that populate every corner (can we say perfection?)
  • Go to Seattle for a weekend (which I definitely plan on doing)
I have also found a few things of my own I want to do. AND Coldplay and The Fray are coming in concert while I am there.

Lets just hope I make friends to do these things with :)

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