Monday, December 14, 2009

One Word: Finals

I've officially done everything possible to avoid studying more for finals, which are THIS WEEK. Panic is beginning to set in, but not quickly enough to stop me from writing this blog.

To procrastinate so far I have:
Found a fantastic coffee shop in Tucson that sells clover press coffee, which reminds me of Vancouver, which makes me exceedingly happy.
Watched all 3 Christmas songs on YouTube that Jason Mraz has up. This one is my favorite.
Made pumpkin banana bread - which taught me that more bananas are not always better.
Done laundry: yes I even did that.
Watched SNL on Hulu (I'm now obsessed with The Mellow Show)
Checked my e-mail at least 264 times.

Now, this was the final step so I really should get on to studying now...
Until I return enjoy this picture of my Christmas festivities (setting up the tree with my roommates and homemade eggnog!) thus far:

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Sarah Rutledge said...

Dude...I almost scrubbed the bathroom floor yesterday to avoid cleaning. And I think I've checked my email 265 times. You're not alone.