Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy (Belated) Birthday To Me!

Twenty-two. 22. Ventidos. Not the most exciting age no matter how you write it, but it was a good day never the less. Spent a lot of relaxing time with my family and eating Jello Box Cheesecake. Horrifyingly enough, I prefer the Jello Box variety to the real thing and it's been a tradition for awhile now.

21 was a big year - probably the biggest yet. I finished up a life affirming summer in Vancouver, celebrated 2 years with my man, had a pretty rocking Christmas/New Years and learned a lot about myself, got engaged, graduated and got my official nursing license. See, it was big.

I think 22 may be bigger. Some goals:
1) Get married (this will happen in hopefully 325 days)
2) Get a real job

As you can see I haven't really thought many things through, but that is what I'm starting with. Like usual, God will probably surprise me with some pretty crazy things anyways, so I don't want to plan too much. Anywho - cheers to a big next year!

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Lauren said...

Hooray! I just felt like commenting on your birthday post.

21 was a big year. But this year will be even bigger!!


Love you.