Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My weakness...

I'm pretty sure it's psychologically/physically/emotionally impossible for me to leave that place without spending a hefty sum of money on a totally random assortment of things. Today's haul:
  • dress for rehearsal dinner
  • 17 packs of pencils, for the wedding
  • jorts (jean shorts). Since my last hole ripped last summer. r.i.p.
  • $5 sweatshirt
  • yellow nail polish
  • 6 pencil cups (curse you dollar section...)
  • make-up squishy triangle things
  • face lotion
  • body lotion
  • Cards for a certain holiday coming up this sunday
Things I almost left with: a dump truck, lunchbox, lip gloss, gum, and a cake stand. Thankfully I have some semblance of self-restraint.


Ash said...

I'm glad someone has restraint in that place 'cause I sure as heck don't.

Sarah said...

Jeff tries to make a rule that we won't leave Target with anything not on our list. Right. That has NEVER happened in the year since we started living walking distance to Target. Last night's mission was paper towels. We left with lotion, new mascara, candy, paper towels, contact solution (and that's not counting the things I decided against: a purse and a bottle of wine). It's bad.

Tarah said...

I was literally just having this conversation with my office-mate last week! I don't think its possible for me not to spend at least $90 per trip to that cursed store. As I'm walking to check out, I always think to myself "man, I'm SUCH a bargain shopper" and then I see a minimum $90 charge on the screen and I'm like, "What?? How did this happen? what did I buy?" Its like I black out for the hour the I'm there. This scenario plays out EVERY time I go.