Monday, May 16, 2011

Observation Tuesday: Volume 13 (On Monday)

It's been awhile, but here are some observations/life updates:
  • I've think I've trained my psyche to crave breakfast burritos after I work. The local Market Street has a burrito bar that is delicious and you pay by the pound. genius.
  • Will be with ALL of my bridesmaids (FINALLY) exactly one month from today.
  • Seth and I found a house to rent. We do a final walk-through, sign the lease, pay rent and get keys on SUNDAY.
  • Speaking of Seth, he is 4 days away from being done with his first year of teaching. I am so proud of him! then he drives out to see me on SATURDAY! so so so so so excited to be reunited with him
  • Finally, raisin bran isn't nearly as satisfying anymore, and I'm not sure why.

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