Sunday, April 22, 2012

The grand adventure

Well, the cats out of the bag so I figure I'd update my blog too. We're in the process of a big move! At the end of May we'll be moving out of Texas. First we'll spend the summer at my parents' cabin, working part time and getting lots of quality family time (especially with my nephew and soon-to-be new niece/nephew), and hanging out in Glacier National Park. Then we'll be off to Seattle in August. It's my dream place to live and I just accepted a position to work at the University of Washington Medical Center in their acute leukemia unit.

The fun begins now though because our house got broken into again. The grandparents are letting us stay with them for the last month we're here so we don't have to paranoid all the time. We had a garage sale yesterday and have packed up almost the whole rest of our house today.


Anonymous said...

yay! you're welcome to crash at mine any time you want to venture up to vancouver :)

Meg said...

Seattle is gorgeous! And now your folks will only be a train ride away, too. We had a lovely tea with your mom before she left. I hope you all have a wonderful summer at their new place. :)