Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seattle: the food

Our trip to Seattle was awesome. Food was probably a highlight. We didn't have one bad meal the whole time we were there. Here are the highlights (or at least the pictures I took!)

The first picture is of Molly Moon's. Amazing, Seattle ice cream. I had a bowl of honey lavender ice cream with hot fudge on top. It was so good I bough a few pints to have for dessert later that night.

These pictures are from Skillet in Capitol Hill. It's an awesome restaurant where all the waiters wear plaid and the food is amazing. Seth had a burger and massive pile of fries! I had a breakfast sandwich made with corn meal pancakes. My friend Kristen had the carmelized grapefruit. We will definitely be going back when we go to Seattle again. Next time I go I'm getting the grilled PB&J and poutine.

This is the white velvet latte I had at Vivace. Amazing.

Drip coffee at home.

Chowder at Pike's Place in a sourdough bread bowl.

Finally, the pictures from dinner at 9 Million. We went for Happy Hour. Seth got the Barbeque chicken pizza. I had a fantastic glass of pinot noir, fried tofu, broccoli & rabe, truffled mac & cheese and a roasted beet salad. (Don't worry, I shared)

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Glacier Dreaming said...

I wanna go to all these places....sometime in the fall or next spring? Need to accumulate some PTO!