Monday, June 23, 2008

Some Stuff I've Learned

I saw this on a really cool blog the other day and decided to copy the idea. So Here is my list of stuff I learned over the last school year:

-your friends care, so you should probably talk to them about what's going on with you instead of ignoring whatever is going inside
-cooking can be fun
-if God tells you to do it, just do it, right then. don't wait
-you can hear into my roommate's room through the vent in my room
-i love yoga
-a clean room keeps me sane
-nursing is definitely the right profession for me
-praying helps
-you need boundaries in your life sometimes
-i need 8 hours of sleep to be a normal and functioning person
-parents are cool to hang out with and talk to
-thinking about lessons you've learned and reflecting on what God has done are great to do on a regular basis
-honesty is the best policy
-i am good enough!
-vomiting and taking off my clothes is good for me (i mean this in the context of being open and putting out all your junk with a group of amazing girls...haha)
-learning about yourself is great, whether its through talking to your roommates about the future, taking personality tests online, or just a little self-examintation.
-even I need some time alone once in awhile
-laughing with the people you love is more important than most other things you can do
-i love Rock Band
-I am blessed. And using your life to bless others is one of the best things you can spend your time doing.


Sarah said...

I like the first one because...I do want to know. Always and every time you have something to say. you're wise. I was thinking about when we first met as I read this, and you always have been wise.

Seth said...

I liked this. And yes clean is good for you! ha I'm the same way sometimes but you still win.

When I was in the hospital and all the nurses, whether they were competent or not is another story haha, were helping me I got really excited to see a glimpse of what you get to do! You have such an amazing opportunity to help and serve people. Tis nuts!

Finally, I find it ironic that this last week when I was a knee recovering introvert that I really missed people and almost went crazy when I was alone. I know I'll never understand you E's completely but it makes me smile that we're learning we need a little E and I to survive. Blessings Fatty.

(shoot, this word verification is gonna be a hard one to get on the first try)