Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Airport observations

As I sit here, at a gate not far from mine, I have carefully thought out some facts about airports. Here is what I have realized:

Pretty much everyone working here is grumpy, or at least seems grumpy, especially when you do something not quite right, like try and wear a pashmina through the xray box. I think all the workers would all be happier if they had spirit days at the airport. For example, luau day or pajama day. How could you be grumpy if you wore your favorite cartoon pants or a lei?

Also, everyone in line at the security checkpoint seems a little distant. They should have mandatory ice breakers in line. Like a back massage line, or the forced laughter game. That would be great.

Coffee is a status symbol. You seem cooler, or more experienced if you have a cup wrapped in a sleeve filled with the nectar of the Gods. I'm going to rebel (even though I LOVE coffee) and start drinking Capri Sun or something equally ridiculous.

I always pray before I get on a plane too. Obviously I throw up a little "keep us safe" prayer. But mostly I focus on things like, put me next to someone that really nice, let there be a good movie to watch, and if I'm feeling bold I pray for an upgrade to first class. Is this awful of me?

Being friendly is totally worth it. Plus it makes your red eye to New York a lot better. 

That being said I'm on my way to BALTIMORE to spend a month hanging out with my sister :D I'm super excited. Expect some super exciting blogs (with pictures included) soon. 


Seth said...

Safe travels Ms. Davidson. Have fun in DC for July 4th. You're going to have fun in b'more. I'm praying it's restful for you but also challenging (don't know what that would look like yet). But in the words of yoda (I stayed up watching ep. 3 waiting for you to take off) Travel safe you will! Shalom.

Ps 1. Do you support polytheism in the statement "coffee is the nectar of the God's? If so, that totally invalidates coffee being the best drink because you and I know there is only one God. Finally, I don't think God would support a drink that alters your state of mind or body. (there are so many holes in this argument but let me enjoy it for a bit). I've already written way too much for a blog comment so I'm out. Hope you get to b'more in one piece.

pps Touche?

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

bahahaahahahaha. I love it. Please write more of these for me to see first thing in the morning when I'm feeling grumpy :)

DC Le Peau said...

i love the suggestions..haha pajama day. :) love, christe

Lauren said...

Reading this made me cry because it made me miss you so much. Why am I not as cool as you? I love you muchos.