Thursday, August 14, 2008

i survived...

my very first backpacking trip!

My family spent 4 days in the back country of Glacier hiking through the wilderness. We hiked a total of 31 miles. We stayed at 3 different campgrounds, each at a different lake; Cosley, Helen and Elizabeth.  (in the picture you can see Lake Elizabeth in the foreground, and Helen way in the back) Some other things we accomplished: I learned to spin cast and almost caught a fish, hiked through Ptarmigan Tunnel (a man-made tunnel they blasted through a mountain), got eaten alive by mosquitos, got a wicked tan. 

All-in-all I really loved it. I think if I lived up there, or by any mountains I thought were worthwhile, I might take it up...until then, I'll settle for more hiking!

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Sarah said...

I loved Lake Helen when I went as a little girl. What a great experience you must have had!!