Thursday, October 2, 2008

catching up on life

Well, I finally finished my labor and delivery rotation. I definitely learned a lot and experienced a lot (live birth, anyone?).  Now I'm on my off rotation for class, which is quite exciting! No class at 6:45 two days a week for a month! woo hoo

I decided that over this month I need to do some catching up (which will include but is not limited to): my Netflix queue, reading for pleasure, One Tree Hill episodes, being creative in some way, talking on the phone to long lost friends, blogging (maybe) and traveling. 

Here are some pictures from my recent life for those of you who haven't seen me in awhile

me and seth at a football game

me and my nursing school girls - i wouldn't survive without them

tailgating before a game with a few of my favorite people

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I love reading about your life. Thus, please blog more! Or talk to me more...take your pick.

miss and love you.