Wednesday, October 29, 2008

this and that

~I'm dying to go to the beach right now. just pack a blanket, my ipod a good book into the car and drive 6 hours. it's tempting...

~I currently formulating a list of books I'm determined to read in the next, say 3 months. I'm going to blog this later. (I will be stealing the idea from my cousin-in-law)

~Eric Hutchinson is my new favorite artist. I went to the Jack's Mannequin concert in Tucson this past Sunday and he was an opening band. As soon as I feel like splurging on all the items in my iTunes cart I'll be legitimately obsessed with him. 

~A little rant on AZ weather: Why is it still in the 90s and it's almost November?!? It's supposed to be Fall. I'm supposed to be wearing sweaters by now!

~Lastly, I am quite excited for Halloween! Why? oh, because Sarah and I have amazing costumes in the works. Be watching for pictures...Until then I'll leave you with a really pretty sunset that my camera doesn't do justice

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Seth said...

you drive 6 hours? i actually lol'ed. and you know how much i hate that. i have about 20 books i want to read right now. if only christmas break was longer...