Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Only the atypical

Thanksgiving is here and I want to write a blog. As I thought about it I realized that I didn't want it to be the normal stuff. I didn't want to just write about how I am incredibly thankful that God has blessed me with the best family on the planet, the most wonderful friends anyone could ever hope for and I have abundant food and shelter. So I am writing a list of the random things I am thankful for:

~children's crafts, like handprint turkeys and pink elephant ceramics
~that I can dance like an idiot to Daft Punk in the car, by myself
~weddings, because they are the reason I have a job
~the feeling I get when I put on a new pair of socks
~fresh flowers from someone I love!
~you tube videos that people with way to much time of their hands make
~travel books
~that I live in an era where I can be obsessively in contact with people
~my sister's job, because she always has great stories to tell me and make me laugh
~salad, peanut butter, jell-o box cheesecake
~souvenirs from foreign countries
~microfiber blankets
~people that have the kind of laughs that are contagious
~love from Jesus & relationships

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