Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my lost skill: checking the weather

Living in Arizona I realized that I lost a very important skill I once had. Checking the weather report for the day.

Who needs to check the weather when you know that 99.8% of the time it will be sunny, hardly any clouds, and hot? Bottom line: you don't check the weather.

But pretty much any other place in the world requires this skill (considering you have internet, TV, etc.) For example, today I woke up and it's a good thing I checked the forecast or I wouldn't have known to bring my umbrella. And then today when I got home today I checked the weather for this weekend to see if it would be sunny enough to run around in the park.

Thank goodness remembering how to check the weather is like riding a bike - once you learn its a skill you don't forget :)


Lauren said...

you're a weirdo.

Rose said...

Where do you always find your cute little pictures and icons to go with your posts? I'm not sure I know how to do that... or maybe I just haven't looked.
And Lauren, she is not a weirdo - you just have been in AZ too long too. :)