Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christians and Coffee Shops

I'm sitting in the Starbucks in Barnes and Nobel, listening to at least 4 Christian people around me. What is it with Christians and coffee shops? I get the appeal, but as a person, not just someone who loves Jesus. Is their a specific reason people who love Jesus love gathering around caffeine? Is it because Jesus loves coffee?

My cousin always used to say "If you want to meet a Christian girl go to Starbucks on a Sunday morning before church." Now, I would postulate that you could expand this to pretty much any time during the day any day of the week. They're easy to pick out too...they have their Bible and journal out on the table, often stare into space (I think they're praying...) if they are alone, or they are meeting with their accountability partner or mentor and talking about apologetics or church or prayer, loudly enough for you to hear.

So, really, if you have a theory why they're (or we're if I'm being honest) always in coffee shops lets me know in the comments section.


Liene Stevens said...

If we're being honest . . . coffee shops are a comfort zone for many. The allure isn't in the caffeine, rather it's that it is emotionally easy to sit alone at a coffee shop. It's not so easy to sit alone at a non-fast food restaurant, however. Many people would never dream of doing the latter - it really forces one to take an honest look at how truly comfortable they are or are not in their own skin and as their own person.

Good, thought-provoking topic, Ang.

Elizabeth said...

it's the coffee AND the books (at least at B&N). And, I'll add a good one to cousin (Nate?) hypothesis -- probably single, too. I used to frequent coffee shops while single, dating, and even some while married sans children. But nowadays, my experience of the coffee shop (when I splurge) is through the drive through. Boo hoo. Or at story time. :-)

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