Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm obsessed with staying connected. I text more than I should. I check my e-mail more than I should. I'm on Twitter just to follow people I will never meet just because I like to know about them. My homepage is set to MSNBC so I stay current on news.

Yes, a tragedy just happened and I know so little about it. No, not because information about the earthquake in Haiti is not available, but because I avoid it. I don't even wait for the homepage to load before I click to check my e-mail or facebook just so I can stay ignorant and self-centered. Deep down I think it's because I would rather stay emotionally distant from sad situations or situations which may require action on my part. It's easier.

One problem with this - my God is not the God of "easier." He never claims to be.

This should stimulate me. I should stop avoiding, be willing to become burdened for a situation and be moved to action.

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Seth Knox said...

what does move to action look like for you? There are a million things that happen everyday that are horrible. How do you not feel overwhelmed if you take 'action'? Just some thoughts. Good post