Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Goals v. 2010

Woah. It's 1/1/10. Weird.

It's that time, to lay out some goals for the new year. Enjoy. And feel free to add your own:
  • Take a picture every day of the year. Of something that makes me happy.
  • Graduate college, pass the NCLEX
  • Get a job
  • Not buy anything unnecessary until May (stemmed from Urbana...more on this later)
  • Get my Certificate of Faith and Health
  • Do crunches until I get a six pack. okay, not really, just exercise regularly
  • Buy a nice camera. for reals.
All my other goals are general: read more, celebrate life, watch classic movies, embrace relationships more fully, eat in new restaurants, travel...blah blah blah. Hopefully as I spend time preparing for my last semester of college I'll come up with some more concrete goals.


Elizabeth said...

you forgot: be more spontaneous.

What is a faith & health certificate?

Angela said...

aahh good one Liz!

The faith and health certificate is just an extra certification you can get as a nurse (12 credits online) through North Park Seminary (probably other places as well). It gives you a frame of reference for your practice from a faith perspective.