Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Observation Tuesday: Volume 4

After a 2 week hiatus due to moving and general busy-ness, Observation Tuesday is back!
~I'm getting ready for my knitting class I go to at the library. It's me, another girl my age, and several, ahem, older women, and one older man. This made me realize when I'm actually old I'm going to have to find a hobby that is generally reserved for young people. Just to be ironic. Maybe roller derby?
~After 6 hours of orientation class today I came to the conclusion that orientation is always boring, unless a man in English accent is doing it. One of the speakers was from the UK and I decided he should have just done the whole thing. He would have kept my attention more.
~Texas drivers officially do not "drive friendly." Now, I'm admittedly not the best driver, but in AZ I rarely got honked or glared at. Here, it's happened several times. I'm going to have to get more defensive!

[Photo cred: http://www.augengallery.com/Artists/Miyazaki/spy_glass.htm ]


Glacier Dreaming said...

Yay for knitting (could you make me a pot holder?)
Yay for British accents. Boo for rude drivers.

Elizabeth said...

ha! There is such a thing as driving Texas friendly; maybe Lubbock isn't it's hotspot. PLUS, do you have TX tags yet? They should totally give you some credit for being an out of towner.
Oh, and TX friendly mostly consists of using the shoulders appropriately. :-)