Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Observation Tuesday: Volume 5

Observation 1: It is Wednesday. but I worked yesterday. so you all are getting Tuesday's dose on Wednesday.

#2: Working a full-time job takes a lot of time. I know. Obviously. But to someone who has never done it before it can be a real mind-blowing fact.

#3: I tried a thai restaurant here in Lubbock. Pretty delicious. And it's owned by a Thai family so it's actually legit food.

#4: Getting to know/be comfortable with your neighbors is challenging. I've brought cookies to some of them and said hi multiple times but it's still kind of awkward when we see each other randomly. It was easier when you were little - you could just ask them if they wanted to ride bikes and you'd be friends for life. Guess it takes more time when you reach adulthood.

#5: Finally for this installation, I realized that I really do enjoy getting to plan things to do with new friends. I think it's a blast to invite people to dinner and knit while watching the Office and get to know them at the same time.


Bowman Carlson said...

Who did you have over and what did you make?

Angela said...

I went to my friend's house and I'm working on making a scarf :)

Ash said...

dude, neighbors are hard! it's so weird because i feel like i'm excessively friendly to my neighbors and they don't feel quite as exuberant as i do. we met some nice ones across the street just last night! you must be doing fine, though, if you're having knitting parties and cooking dinner for people. :)