Monday, September 20, 2010

Who needs garage sales?

Especially when you have fantastic future-grandparents-in-law that have super cool stuff like this laying around?
This happens to be something Nana bought when she started school nursing in the early 80s and she really used it for the kids! That means it's vintage and nursing-related. Which means I LOVE it. It's home is currently on my kitchen counter (because that is the only surface that is long enough to fit it right now) but I would like to move it into the living room at some point.


Glacier Dreaming said...

Love it, too.

And that should be LYING around! : )

Sarah said...

This is definitely worthy of some floating shelves in the living room maybe?? I love it!! Couldn't be more perfect.

Kirsten Phillips said...

Cute! Would it be weird to leave those in the kitchen and fill them with things like flours, oats, coffee beans, etc?