Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Observation Tuesday: Volume 13

Spring is officially here and I feel it in the air. The Fiance is almost done with his first year of teaching (!!!), I've been working for 6 months, and our wedding is in just 88 days!

Observations for today:
  • I really, just, cannot do flying pigeon. I love going to a yoga class in which is am challenged by the poses, this morning I went to one such class. Check out this link to see the pose I will be practicing in my bedroom before I go to bed tonight...
  • I've been loving this song (Marathon by Tennis) lately. More of her music is on my iTunes wish-list.
  • Wedding planning would definitely be easier if you were in the same city, or state, as your event. Thank goodness for great moms, the internet and email!
  • One day, watching the weather, I saw a curious thing. The weather report said "dusty" for Wednesday. I thought to myself, that is not weather... but I have now realized, in West Texas, it certainly is. The sky was brown and the winds were strong today.
  • I really really have a love/hate relationship with the books I'm reading right now. The problem is that both of them I am reading right now are SO good!
  • The Wildcats have made me proud! Sweet 16! Unfortunately I have to work this Thursday so I will be depending on the fiance for text updates...
Sorry for the lack of pictures. Our internet is feeling sluggish and doesn't want to upload any....

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Glacier Dreaming said...

Flying pigeon - wanna see that! Might be as good as Jen's Party Trick.