Thursday, April 28, 2011


1 year and 5 days ago I was proposed to in La Jolla, California.

And in 50 days I'll be getting married! I can hardly contain my excitement.

I've been working on some diy wedding projects the last couple weeks, all of which will be shared after the wedding. I've also been cooking a little bit, including tomato chutney with pork chops and rice, pineapple and strawberry crumble and rotini with pesto and broccoli. yum. Unfortunately my camera transfer cord is in Tucson, so no pictures for you guys. Sorry the blog has been neglected lately, but once I get my camera cord back I'll be all about it again :)


Ash said...

oh my goodness!!! has it really been that long? feels like yesterday. i'm so excited for you guys!!!

Bowman Carlson said...

My little sister is getting married!