Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mas Libros

I'm just a reading machine.

One Thousand Gifts
by Ann Voskamp

This book can be summed up with "Be Thankful." But Ann writes about her journey learning this lesson when she was dared to write a list of 1,000 things she was thankful for. This reminded me of my mom's thankful journal that we used to write in at home. I love the idea and may just take it up someday for myself. I didn't love her writing style but the idea of the book is excellent.

Blood Bones and Butter: The Reluctant Education of an Inadvertent Chef
by Gabrielle Hamilton

I first heard about this book on The Splendid Table, a food podcast from American Public Media. It's an autobiography written by the chef of the restaurant Prune in NYC. She had a crazy childhood growing up in an old broken down silk mill, fending for herself at 16 in the city and just living life as a chef. I didn't necessarily approve of her lifestyle but her writing is enthralling and her life keeps you on your toes.

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Liene Stevens said...

Glad I'm not alone in my opinions of Ann's writing style. :)