Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Lately

We have finally, sort of, settled in to life here after the wedding. Our house is organized, although not fully decorated (yet). Here are a few images to show you what my life has consisted of recently.

Lauren sent us these fantastic mustache chip clips.
I promptly turned them in to a faux-stache.

Seth and I were able to go home the last weekend in July to see this little buddy before he headed back to Bangladesh.
We've hung out with some friends.
And we got to use our "friend 1" and "friend 2" popcorn buckets.
Feel free to come for a visit and you too, could be friend 1 and 2.
Saturday morning breakfasts have been standard here. We decided that it would be a tradition of sorts to make something every weekend. This has mostly consisted of Seth making me things, since I work/sleep-in pretty much every time.
These were some delicious breakfast burritos.
We've also done cinnamon rolls and breakfast mash-ups (with my family), omelets, & scrambled eggs and toast.
I have basil and am working on keeping it alive. It has lived inside so far because I think the 100* heat would be too much for it, so making sure it gets enough sunlight has been a labor of love. I froze some today!
We've made some more delicious food and decorated the house more too, but these will be separate posts

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