Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our trip to the big city

My husband loves Austin. He lived there til he was 11 and has very fond memories of the city. His parents were planning on going for a few days so I worked my schedule out and we tagged along so I could experience it. These are pictures from the first half of our trip. The second half, I forgot my camera.

This place was Seth's favorite pizza restaurant as a kid
The Men got sausage deep dish, and the women got artichoke and tomatoes. Delish!
Fun fact, once someone drove through the front of the restaurant and they still have the tire marks on the ground.

We went to Mt Bonnell for views of the city and saw this gorgeous sunset!
Our first morning there Seth and I stopped at Bennu Coffee and I got myself a delicious iced vanilla latte. Seth enjoyed the smell.
We then drove around downtown and did some window shopping on South Congress. Which we dubbed SoCo. We stopped at Hopdoddy, a super trendy burger place.
I got a salad.
But this is Seth's burger, with chili and fritos.

The rest of our trip included a fun dinner with some of my in-laws oldest friends, more coffee, the original whole foods, delicious barbeque, and seeing The Help. It was a fun trip out of town and I guess now I kind of like Austin.

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Bowman Carlson said...

So, in Austin you mostly ate food and drank coffee? Sounds like your kind of trip. :-) Love you!