Saturday, September 3, 2011

The best decision I ever made

Okay, it may not be the very best, but definitely in the top 10. That decision is keeping a toothbrush in my shower. Very few things are better than totally feeling clean after hopping of the shower.

The real purpose of this book was to write more about books I've read. These two were gems. First, Pigs In Heaven. Yet another winner by Barbara Kingsolver. I may be slightly obsessed with her. This book, as a sequel to The Bean Trees, follows Taylor and Turtle through another journey into Turtle's past. I give it two thumbs way up, so I highly recommend it. And to quote Washington Post Book World, “There is no one quite like Barbara Kingsolver in contemporary literature. Her dialogue sparkles with sassy wit and the earthy poetry of ordinary folks’ talk; her descriptions have a magical lyricism rooted in daily life but also on familiar terms with the eternal.”

My mom had recommended this book to me several months ago. Muriel Barbery has written a book about Renee Michel, a concierge who conceals her true interests to seem less intelligent and more typical to the wealthy tenants of the building she lives in. The books also involves an elderly Japanese man who moves in to the building and a genius 12 year old who plans to commit suicide the day she turns 13. Aren't you intrigued? This made me wish I spoke French so I could have read it in the original book. But, even in English it was still an interesting read.

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