Sunday, September 25, 2011

Love and Joy: Another Book Post

I'm taking a break from prepping for our grilled pizza party tonight. I should be swiffering so our guests don't judge me for the crumbs all over, instead I'm doing this. (p.s. our friends won't really judge us, at least I hope they won't....)

Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith

I happened to see this book for sale on Amazon when I was perusing for books to get with my gift card. (By the way, I got 7 books for $25.00 from a gift card. AWESOME). It's by Betty Smith the author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It is the story of a newly married couple in their first year of marriage in the 1920s. I felt the story was trite, but the writing is excellent and I ended up being drawn into the story. There is something in me that desires for the simplicity of their lives (i.e. they live in a boarding house and don't even own a blanket of their own). We're so bogged down in having lots of stuff and my list of stuff I want still grows. Alas, that's another issue in itself

The Love List by the Parrots

I may be slightly behind on my goal of reading 12 nonfiction books for the year (NOTE: I had the hardest time distinguishing between fiction and nonfiction probably until college. Honestly, it seems so backward to me that the "non" means it's true...) Anyways, I "borrowed" (read: stole) this book from my parents when we were home last. It was already on my "to read" list because I want to consistently be working on improving my marriage and I love lists. It fulfilled both of those. Les and Leslie outline 2 things you can do each day/week/month/year to improve your marriage, all of which are pretty basic, but great to review. I put it on my husband's "to read" list so we can work on these things together.

Next up: Marry Poppins and Love Wins


Sarah said...

I love your book reports :) They always give me inspiration for new things to read. P.S., did you already buy Love Wins? If not, I can mail it to you. I finished a while ago and would be happy to send it your way. You'll have to let me know what you think. Love you!

Bowman Carlson said...

Can my mom borrow the Love Lists book after Uncle Seth reads it?