Friday, August 9, 2013

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is famous for the sunrise balloon rides. After flying in early one morning, we checked into our great hotel, Heybe Hotel, ate second breakfasts, swam and sauna-ed. Then we saw monastic churches built into the rocks and the hermitic fairy chimneys. We also stopped at Cavusin seramik, where I made a pot and we saw rooms of gorgeous pottery. And finally, had an amazing dinner at the Sultan Cave Suites.
our hotel
look at the great bedroom
the dining room!
the fairy chimneys

at the sultan cave suites
stuffed artichoke hearts
stuffed squash blossoms
the restaurant
The second day we were there we had an amazing breakfast at the hotel, I went for a walk, we visited an underground city (8 stories underground!), did a Turkish bath (no pictures, we were mostly naked) and had dinner at Topdeck Cave, a restaurant built into a cave.
breakfast, they had honeycomb!
around Gorome (the city in Cappadocia)
In the underground city, 8 stories down. 
Turkish coffee. 
View from the hotel
The last morning there was my birthday. I got up early and took pictures of the hot air balloons, then we left for an early flight. We had a relaxing day, ate a good lunch and watched a great movie.

 I definitely recommend this place!

Greece comes next week.

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Bowman Carlson said...

What did you do with the breakfast honeycomb?