Saturday, August 7, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Not kittens. Not mittens, although I do love them. But my favorite things right now were thoughtful gifts I've gotten. Like these:

1) This super pretty, homemade plate from my best friend. She didn't make it, but had her friend custom make it for me! So fantastic. It will hold a special place in my new home, perhaps breakfast in bed and holiday meals.
2) Okay - lets be honest. This is the cutest picnic basket ever. And it is filled with colorful plastic utensils, plates and napkins. Some of our dear friends gave it to us as an engagement present and I cannot wait to take it on lots of outings.
3) God gave me this sunset the other day. Or rather he gave the entire Phoenix metropolitain area this sunset. Nothing is as good as natural beauty.
4) I also got a gift card to Chocomize. Um, what isn't to love about custom-made chocolate bars with options like gummy bears, cayene pepper and raisins? Nothing, that's what. My other bestie saw I had posted it on a friend's website and was thoughtful enough to gift it to me! I'm thinking dark chocolate with lavendar and sea salt.

I could go on and on and include the Toms my fantastic fiance got me, or these Etsy prints my mom got me (click here), the amazing picture my fantastic artist of a sister painted for me, or the super cute hot and cold mug from my parents. I'm so blessed to have people in my life that know me enough to get me such fantastic presents. It's not just the things themselves, but the thought that has gone into them.

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