Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Observation Tuesday: Volume 1

I'm going to start Observation Tuesdays on the blog. This will be a weekly feature in which I publish my observations from the week, or that moment, or anything really. It will be random.

Here are this weeks observations:

- The Las Vegas Airport is the loudest airport I have ever been in. Not surprising, but the slots seriously increase the normal volume level.
-I just observed a guy wearing an outfit I would wear exactly - longish jean shorts, peach colored v neck tee, tan colored toms and a plethora of trendy bracelets. Not sure if this is embarrassing for me or him.
-One highlight from my week - I changed my gmail background this week from "dusk" to "desktop." I wanted to be more professional than "bus stop" or the gameboy theme and desktop fit the bill without being too boring. Yes - these are the details that make my week folks.


Trevor Guyette said...

Tuesdays are a good day for observing. That picture is magnanimous and excellent. Can you put a new "observation" picture every week? Double challenge...

Angela said...

I see your challenge! I will do it.