Saturday, August 28, 2010

How To: Remove Wine Bottle Labels

Well, I mentioned earlier how I destroyed my fingers trying to get wine labels off bottles for my wedding centerpieces. Here are the fruits of my labor.

And here is the process I ended up using:

1)Soaking bottles in hot water and fabric softener. Not sure why the fabric softener, but my mom thought she had heard it somewhere so that's what we did. Then we would rip off as much of the label that would come off.
2)Now we used a combination of baby oil and lighter fluid and a scrubby thing to scrape off the sticky stuff. I read about the baby oil online and I've used lighter fluid before so I just went with it.
This was quite the process. I did, in fact, get the Goo Gone suggest from multiple people but was too lazy/cheap to go to the store to get some. However, I may cave and do that for the next round.


Elizabeth said...

I'm a bit more interested in what happened to the inside of those bottles. Maybe a post titled How to Remove Wine from 10 Wine Bottles??

Angela said...

Ha - I actually had all but 2 of them donated from friends or my friend who works at a restaurant. No crazy stories there :)