Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Observation Tuesday: Volume 8

-Prince William is engaged to Kate Middleton. Now, despite minimal previous interest in the British Royal Family, I find myself deeply infatuated with this royal couple. Also, my inner 7 years old is very jealous she gets to become a princess. Anyways, I think she is gorgeous, well-spoken and appreciate that they were poised in front of the camera in their interviews. Extra tidbit I love is that they got engaged in Kenya while on holiday. I will be on wedding watch until their nuptials next spring or summer (maybe we'll even get married on the same day!).

-I may be spending a lot of money at Michaels over the next several months. My next knitting goal is socks and I've found so many crafting ideas I want to make, including these earrings.

-Thanksgiving is next week! This makes me happy not only because I get to see my future husband, but because then I can justify my Christmas music and snowflake socks. And I have a lot to be thankful for. (Also, Thanksgiving means my annual e-mail Christmas countdown will be starting soon after! Spread the word! hooray!)

-I am a firm believer in the fact that TV shows that end with "to be continued..." should be banned. I'm all for intense plots and such but isn't the idea of a tv show is that the sub-plot is wrapped up in that episode? I watched two versions of NCIS tonight and BOTH were not concluded. It was kind of upsetting.

-Finally, for your information, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and forgot to bring my floss with me to the grandparents. Isn't that ironic?


Kristen said...

your observations are funny. I love getting to read them each week just because I have no idea what they will pertain to. So I thought I would give you some of my own:
1. Living with a roommate can sometimes be slightly awkward...like when you wake up in the morning not knowing the guy she met last weekend would be spending the night and see him in the kitchen.
2. When disimpacting someone the smell lingers...for a while...
3. you know you wear your hair up too much and need a hair cut (and thinned) when people at work ask you to put your hair down than say "wow...that's a lot of hair and kinda fluffy, I know why you have it pulled back".

Casey said...

i love your fascination with the royals! i too love them and will be following them closely :)