Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Everyone has now opened their presents from me so I can now blog about them.

First, I made my mom these felt flower pins. I found the guide on how to make the Chrysi pins and made them a few days later. Very easy and super cute pinned on a scarf, jacket or sweater. Or you could attach them to a belt. Or whatever.

Second, I knitted my best friends scarves. The colors and details were picked based on their personalities and the colors I know they wear. I've been working on them for months! I was pretty proud of how they turned out.
Finally, my mom also received this wreath, which is probably my favorite homemade craft so far. You can find the tutorial here. Very easy and no skills required. I found the balls in the target $1 section (after searching Michaels AND Walmart and finding no cheap options) and I got the yarn on sale at Michaels. It could be cute to make for any holiday I think, perhaps pinks and creams for Valentines day?


Elizabeth said...

Super cool pins. I embarked upon some felt crafting this Christmas too & made some felt playfood & felt flower hair clips -- I felt that I was on the edge of a really cool discovery of easy-ish type crafts that make a big bang. You did great w/ your homemade gifts! They actually look more boutique than homemade, custom rather than craft. :-)

Angela said...

Thanks Liz! What kind of hair clips did you make? how did you do them? The felt play food sounds adorable too. What a good idea!

Sarah said...

I love my scarf. I've worn it most days for the past month. And, as I've already told you, little Lucy loves to bat at the pompoms on the ends :) Love you!

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