Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2011 resolves

This year I completely missed the countdown to 2011 and ball drop. I was in a patient's room in the hospital putting in an NG tube, looked at my watch and realized it was 12:04. Talk about anti-climactic. Then today, I slept for about 9 hours and showered, therefore completing all the goals I had set out to do. Big day, I know.

I decided I should think about what I want to do this year and I would blog about it, since I'm not one to keep things to myself. So, here is my preliminary list of goals, both personal and professional, for 2011.

1) Get married!
2) Refinish 5 pieces of furniture
3) Get chemotherapy certified at work
4) Join the local Oncology Nursing Society chapter
5) Give more random gifts
6) Embroider some stuff
7) Move into my first place with my husband and make it our home
8) Make some new traditions for our family and continue old ones
9) Travel to Cancun (helllooo honeymoon!)
10) Read 24 books (12 for fun, 12 to better myself) & write them down! (since i have a terrible memory)
11) Start saving for retirement and possibly going back to school
12) Take more pictures
13) Get involved in a church in TX
14) Keep my blog updated with things I'm doing


Glacier Dreaming said...

You are aiming high

Anonymous said...

OoOoOOOoooOO Embroidery! How fun! :) I miss you!