Thursday, January 20, 2011

Working from home

I'm currently in the process of doing my NIH online Stroke Scale Certification for work. Lets just say it involves 6 scenarios, with 12 questions each, and each question has a 20 second video that takes about 8 minutes to load. I'm also going crazy. Hence this random blog post about exciting recent finds/things I'm doing.

Did you know there is a brand of mason jar made by Knox? This happens to be my future last name so this discovery at an antique store got me a little overexcited yesterday. They will become part of my wedding centerpieces as well as have some prominent feature in my future home.

I'm dying to make this recipe for Gooey Butter Cake. But need a legitimate excuse, other than say, my half birthday tomorrow, because I would end up eating all of it, and I really don't need that.

My current project involves knitted potholders in red and white for my future kitchen. Also, I may have gone a little overboard buying the $1 yarn at Michaels and don't need 15 for myself so if you'd like one too, just let me know :)


Kristen said...

ya the NIH thing is painfully long...i had to do it too...

Glacier Dreaming said...
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Ash said...


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