Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Away in Abq

Our view from the top of the Sandia Tram.

Seth & I drove back in through icy roads and a snowstorm about five hours ago. We came back to a house that was a frigid 47 degrees! Anywho, on to the point of this. Our weekend in Albuquerque was lovely. Lots of delicious meals, fun outings and a little shopping made for a fun weekend. Oh! and we had the luxury of TV in our hotel room. Fantastic.

This door was in Old Town, where we had a fantastic lunch at Le Crepe Michel. Unfortunately my camera card went on the fritz so the pictures of us there, and of my french onion soup and ruby peach & lavender creme brulee are MIA.

The best meal from the whole trip. My croque madame from The Grove Cafe. I wished we had eaten there on Saturday morning too so we could have eaten there more than once.

Us. Windblown on top of the Sandia Tram.

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Kristen Petersen said...

you guys look like you should be promoting colombia outerwear :) cute picture though and glad you had fun! can't wait for your visit here!